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iAlphabet, FiAlphbet, CiAlphabet, CriAlphabet  and GiAlphabet  are created/designed by Azam Banoo Torabi in an extensive search/research for a simple tactile writing system with no need for any mechanical aid or assistive technology. She was inspired by close contact with the visually impaired (VI), witnessing their sheer enthusiasm for education on one hand and yet the low literacy rate (below %3) in developing countries on the other. Braille writing assistive technology is an extremely helpful tool for VI education, it is however expensive and hardly available to VI in poorer countries.

Basic education should be accessible to all, educational technology is only useful when it is available and affordable. It was thought since 90% of VI live in poorer countries hardly benefit from braille writing assistive technologies, the solution was to go back to basics and search for an alternative writing system independent of any technology with availability and affordability at the heart of the search.

Furthermore, attempt was made to design it simple, easy to learn and derive it from the regions' current alphabet as much as possible to ease the tactile writing and make reverse reading effortless for those who lose their sight later in life and find learning braille challenging.


Learn iAlphabets in an incredibly short time, within an hour or two

Enjoy tactile handwriting with no fuss no writing aids and no embossing gadgets

Write in any direction and it still looks the same

Do like da Vinci, mirror writing that looks the same

Write and read in the dead of the night with no light on, go tactile



Albert Einstein: "Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn't know came along and did it."

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