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Brand new writing system for all

Handwriting from Left (L) to Right (R) and read the imprints on the back of the page, by tip of the fingers, from L to R made possible by designing iAlphabet2 that looking like its upside-down mirror image. This design makes it possible to write and read from L to R. The trick is instead of writing from the top of the page downwards as we do normally, it has to be written from bottom of the page upwards. Therefore, when the paper is flipped-over the imprint is read as normal from top of the page L to R.
A set of 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 numbers that were similar to their upside-down mirror images were designed. iAlphabet2, with a few exceptions, is almost the same as iAlphabet1 but some had to be rotated 90 degrees.

Writing by hand in iAlphabet 2:

Use an ordinary old biro pen, place a piece of cardboard, tissue or a thin piece of fabric under the paper. Put a star sign on the bottom L of the page and write in iAlphabet2 with a little pressure on the pen to imprint it. To read it, turn the page over and read the tactile imprints from where the star sign is imprinted, as normal, from the top L to R with the tip of fingers.

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